A major award!

Okay, well maybe it wasn’t an award like an electric leg or anything, but I did receive a very nice and thoughtful gift.

 When I arrived in Ft. Jackson last October, I stopped by the 282d Army Band building to say hello and met the commander, WO1 James Bettencourt.  Long story short–the band played four of my charts for their holiday concerts in December, and I was invited to conduct one, too.  I conducted Army Bells, a piece I wrote for the US Army Europe Band that pits Jingle Bells against the Army Song to see how they’d fight it out.  It was nice to be invited, and fun to get back to doing music, if only for a few minutes.

 So in front of the band today, Mr. Bettencourt presented me with a Certificate of Appreciation and a custom Mollard baton with ‘282d Army Band’ burned into the shaft.  I was given these things in appreciation of them allowing me to be a part of their concert.  Who should be giving who gifts?  I don’t have a camera here with me, so I’ll post a picture later.

Once again, thank you so much to Mr. Bettencourt, First Sergeant Harvey, and all the members of the 282d “Victory” Band for allowing me to be a part of your concert last month!

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