Dallas pictures

And now, only a month late, are some pictures from the Fanfare for Enduring Freedom performance. A family vacation covering four countries on two continents has precedence on maintaining a timely website, not that anyone’s reading this blog anyway (except you…hi, Mom!).

So, the above picture is of course me conducting the piece. Below is a shot to give you an idea of how far away the musicians were up on the balcony.

And finally my smiling mug afterwards. It really was a neat experience. The concertgoers in Dallas were gracious and kind; a class act.

Finally, it’s been a week since the Virginia Tech shootings, and let the record reflect that of course I will write a piece. That took all of a couple of minutes to figure out. Decision number two (whether the piece would end on a somber or triumphant note) was decided after Nikki Giovanni’s speech at the convocation. The students’ reaction (to cheer “Go Hokies Go”) sealed the deal. Never have I been so proud to be a Hokie.

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