Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I buy your music?

Contact me, and I’ll write back to you as soon as I can, sometimes within minutes, but usually within a day or two. I’m mostly self-published, but there are a couple pieces that will require you to contact the publisher or distributor.

How much does it cost?

Head to the Contact Me page and scroll down past the contact form. I think my rates are comparable to what you’d spend on a piece from most major publishers. I will never send music or an invoice out until I know you know what you’re getting and what it’ll cost.

So what do I get?

In almost all cases, when you purchase music from me I send .pdf files of the music along with an invoice via PayPal, which may be paid by credit card or check. Large-ensemble scores are mostly formatted for either ledger-size (11 x 17) or legal-size (8-1/2 x 14) paper. All parts are formatted for standard letter-size (8-1/2 x 11) paper. With the purchase of a full set of a piece, I authorize you to make ONE hardcopy of the score, and multiple copies of all the parts as required for the size of your group. For purchases of “score only”, I ask directors to print only one score per order. (Vocal music is the exception: I charge a single price for purchase of the piece, then authorize all copies of the score as needed for your chorus.)

What’s keeping me from making 28 copies of the score without paying?

The fact that you’re a good person and not a jerk.

What if I want hardcopies of the whole piece like, you know, regular sheet music?

Sure, I can do that, but on top of the regular cost I’ll charge you for the copying, binding, mailing, and general pain in my behind for doing it. I am not a company, just a person. So if I need to make copies, I go to the local office supply store.

Can I arrange your music for marching band?

Yes, but only if you ask. If you ask nicely, I might even waive any fees to do so.

By the way, Tresona doesn’t own a single note of mine. Do not pay them a penny. If you want to play my music, just ask me directly.

Can I arrange your music for marimba and Tuvan throat singer?

I will kick the can on this decision until someone legitimately asks.

Are you that hippie guy from the 70s who sang the song about San Francisco or something?

You mean this guy?

No, this isn’t me.