for four instruments plus optional drum set

Grade 4

4 minutes

Full set comes with parts with all common transpositions and authorization to make copies as needed for your ensemble’s instrumentation. Range of the piece for all instruments is from a concert C to E-flat a minor tenth above.

  • C (upper octave)–flute, piccolo, violin, mallet percussion
  • C (lower octave)–oboe, violin, mallet percussion
  • B-flat treble clef–clarinets, tenor saxophone, baritone TC, soprano saxophone
  • E-flat (lower octave)–bari saxophone (some limited ossia for those with trouble reaching written low A)
  • E-flat (upper octave)–alto or bari saxophone
  • F (lower octave)–horn
  • F (upper octave)–English horn (or very brave horns!)
  • Bass clef (upper octave)–trombone, baritone, string bass, marimba
  • Bass clef (lower octave)–tuba, cello
  • Alto clef–viola (written on the lower end of the instrument)
  • Drum set–hi-hat, snare drum, bass drum, woodblock, ride/suspended cymbal

Listen to three MIDI mockups with varying instrumentation:

Brass with drum set
String quartet
Woodwind ensemble with drum set

Pursuit is a four-part canon for four instruments plus an optional drum set. All players play the same music but with staggered entrances. Parts are provided for all transposing instruments and various clefs, but other than that all parts are identical. The piece will work with any combination of instruments, but it seems to work best if the lowest instrument plays either first or last. I encourage you to experiment with different instruments and orders to discover your favorite!

At the beginning of the piece, players will be four bars (16 beats) apart, but at specific moments the trailing players will close the gap by either not taking repeats or skipping over select bars. By the end of the piece, the trailing players are hot on the lead player’s heels, playing only one beat behind.

This piece is only $25! Contact me if you’re interested!