Write me through the contact form below if you’re looking for someone to arrange for your ensemble!

For over 25 years, I have arranged music in styles from pop to classical for ensembles from marching bands to rock bands to a cappella choruses. Most of these arrangements were written for my soldier/musician colleagues in the Army, but many were for high school marching bands or younger bands with erratic instrumentation. In recent years, I’ve arranged several new “stands tunes” for the Marching Virginians of Virginia Tech.

Here’s just one example (Light ‘Em Up):

(Please note percussion was arranged by the fantastic Brian Nozny, but I’m happy to write custom percussion parts if you don’t have a preferred percussionist.)

If you would like to consider me to write for your ensemble, please contact me (click here), and we’ll see if we can come to a mutual agreement. Pricing varies greatly depending the size of your group, the complexity and duration of the project, and the availability of arranging permissions. Plan early, because it sometimes takes a while to secure permission from copyright holders, and I must also work around my military duties (which must come first!).