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    Price List

    YearEnsembleGradeTitleFull setScore only
    2012CB5A Summer Breeze$100$30
    2004CB5A Winter Flurry$80$20
    2016CB6An Autumn Sunset$100$30
    2013CB5, 6Aria and Toccata for Euphonium and Band$100$20
    2015CB6Aria and Toccata for Euphonium and Piano$30n/a
    2014V4Battery of Army Canons, A$30n/a
    2006CB5Black Tie Blu-bop$75$10
    2007CB4Brookpointe Park$0.00$0.00
    2002CB4Candidates’ March$60$10
    2020CB2Elson Ranch Roundup$45$10
    2005BC5Fanfare for Enduring Freedom******
    1998CB6Festive Overture for Band$120$30
    1994SQ5Five Diversions for Saxophone Quartet$35n/a
    2019CB4For the Fun of It$75$10
    2016OR5Four Winter Scenes$80$20
    2007BC5Galaxy Portals$40$10
    1999SQ5Groovy Loops (saxophone quartet)$35n/a
    2008OR5Groovy Loops (string orchestra)$80$20
    2013CB5Groovy Loops (symphonic band)**
    2015CB5Iron Majors$60$10
    2010OR5Jack and the Beanstalk$125$30
    1999CB3Jaguar Dance$60$15
    2020CB2Jupiter Fanfare$45$10
    2020CB2Jupiter Fanfare (Flex-Band version)$45$10
    2013CB4Keynote Address****
    2009CB1Kings’ March, The$40$10
    2011CB5,6Leaps and Rounds$125$30
    2008WQ6Montpelier Dances$60$20
    2012CB3Mozart’s Sandbox****
    1993CB5Of Song and Dance$150$35
    2003CB4Passacaglia for Band$100$20
    1995CB5Pride and Patriotism$60$10
    1992BQ5Quantum Variations$35$10
    2001CB5Quiet Professionals, The$60$10
    1993OE4Rhapsody for a Lasting Friendship$30n/a
    2009P5Rhapsody for Solo Piano$25n/a
    2008CB4Roarsville Rag, The$75$15
    2001CB4Sergeants’ Time March$60$10
    2009V5Sky Songs$30n/a
    2021CB6Some Assembly Required$100$25
    2009CB6Sound the Trumpets$100$25
    1997CB3Spotsylvania Holiday$60$10
    1996BQ5St. Luke’s Wedding Recessional$30$10
    2018CB2Starry Night$40$10
    1995CB4Symphonic Palindrome$75$15
    2000CB5This We’ll Defend$60$10
    1991CB4Variations on ‘Shenandoah’$90$20
    1999V3Wherever the Road May Travel$30n/a
    * Available from Neil A. Kjos Music Company
    ** Available from Claude T. Smith Publications
    *** Available from Lovebird Music