Grade 2–4 minutes

Had a little tune in my head, one appropriate to young players. Finally took the time to write it down. Finished it just as the coronavirus pandemic began. Perfect timing! No band can get together to play it.

So until we can get back to a normal life, I offer it here free of charge. Have at it: have a look at the score and parts, download, share, and print hardcopies to your heart’s content. If there’s an appetite to put together a virtual ensemble, I could put together a conducting track. Let me know if you’re interested.

The “Elson Ranch” of the title is a made-up place. This piece is dedicated to Mr. Sam Elson, principal of the elementary school all three of my kids attended. He is a wonderful and caring teacher, administrator, and musician, who would like nothing more than to “round up” the children of Kings Glen Elementary School and get back to the normal business of teaching and learning. Here’s to hoping that happens soon.

Yee haw!