Jupiter Fanfare (NEW!)

Grade 2

3 minutes
MIDI mockup of Jupiter Fanfare

This piece was an attempt to write an accessible Grade 2 band piece in the all-too-neglected-at-this-grade-level time signature of 6/8. I’m calling it a Grade 2, but I’m told it’s a little bit on the challenging side for second-year players. While rhythms are not too complicated, there are some concert B-naturals and G-flats. Take a look at the score and judge for yourself!

I chose the title “Jupiter Fanfare” since the four main pitches of the opening are the same intervals from the famous last movement of Mozart’s “Jupiter” Symphony No. 41. I also used stacking perfect fourths in the buildup into the climax of the piece as a nod to the ostinato in “Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity” from Holst’s The Planets.

The piece is available in two different formats: a traditional young band version (single parts except for two clarinets and two trumpets with liberal doubling, pre-tuned timpani, etc.) and a five-part Flex-Band version based on Jay Bocook’s model (with template kindly provided by Patrick Dunnigan). Though it isn’t listed in the score, I’ve also written a tenor sax/euphonium treble clef part that covers part 5. And if that’s not flexible enough for you, please send me a note and I’ll try to provide whatever might help you within reasonable limits.