A Winter Flurry

Grade 5

3 minutes

Composed for the United States Army Europe Band, Tompkins Barracks, Heidelberg, Germany.  Premiered during the December holiday concert series of 2004 with the composer conducting.

Excellent mockup by Note Performer

A Winter Flurry is a brief but dazzling concert opener defined by rapid ascending scalar passages offset by single beats.  The opening gives way to a lyrical oboe solo based on the opening trumpet figure.  Both themes are combined in the climax of the work.  Finally, there’s one brief moment of repose before a final flurry closes out the piece.

As of now, I’ve written three pieces inspired by the seasons.  They are not necessarily intended to be performed together or as a suite, but if you think they’d work together in that fashion, knock yourself out.  The other pieces in the series are A Summer Breeze and An Autumn Sunset.