Five Diversions

Saxophone Quartet (SATB)

Grade 5

12 minutes

Premiered Fall 1994 by Synchronicity Saxophone Quartet in Squires Recital Salon, Blacksburg, VA.

  1. Intrada
  2. Fugue
  3. Children’s March
  4. Aria
  5. Rondo

The ‘Intrada’ begins with a flourish of parallel fifths that gives way to a more lyrical middle section.  Then the baritone sax convinces the others one by one to return to the opening motive.  The fugue is rather straightforward and stately, while the children’s march is a frantic presto with “wrong” notes.  The aria is a lush, lyrical movement based on a five-note motive stated first by solo alto.  The piece concludes with a rondo that is somewhat reminiscent of a jazz waltz, but with some asymmetrical bars to trip up the audience (and the players).