Website 4.0

Once again, I saw fit to update my website, and this time it’s the closest to what I think I always wanted when I began the process. Finally, here’s the blog properly integrated with all the information on the music. Finally, here’s total control over the layout and style, even though I’m still learning how to understand HTML and CSS. Finally, now I can make new additions, blog posts, pieces, and recordings from anywhere and not necessarily my home computer.

There’s still a long way to go to really make it the way I’d like it, but for the first time ever, I feel like I have the proper foundation upon which to build. Perhaps a little paradoxically, I’ve preferred the look of the last two versions of the site, but I like the control I have now, even if I don’t yet know how to wield it. The big thing is that I finally feel like I have the content and the layout properly separated, so if I need to make a change in how the site looks or behaves, it can happen globally instead of having to change every single page. I also love how, thanks to an excellent theme foundation, the layout of the content adapts to the device you’re seeing. So the site looks good on an iPhone as well as a large screen.

Finally, there’s the opportunity for anyone visiting my site to leave comments on any given page. I may decide to take this down if the inconvenience of filtering out spam isn’t worth any positive dialogue that might ensue, but for now the option stays.

I welcome any civilized and thoughtful comments, and thank you for visiting my little useless waste of cyberspace!

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