World Bowl XV


I originally planned on using this blog to post only things related to my own composing and arranging efforts. But I thought it would also be alright to comment on events that are a result of my role as a military musician. By virtue of my position, I get to do some pretty cool things!

Exhibit one: Yesterday, the US Army Europe Band & Chorus participated in World Bowl XV by playing the anthems and a terrific halftime show. In the game, the Hamburg Sea Devils defeated the hometown and critical favorites, the Frankfurt Galaxy something-to-something. Never mind that, we reached an audience of 48,000, plus whoever watched on the NFL channel!

First, a field’s-eye view of the band in place:

Here’s a shot of me conducting the American anthem:

..and here’s me conducting the German anthem (please keep in mind that when you’re on a Jumbotron screen the camera adds 800 pounds):

…and a few shots of the band and chorus during the halftime show. On the other side of the fifty-yard line are several teams’ worth of scantily-clad cheerleaders that are in no way affiliated with the United States Army or this happily married man.


It was a great thing for the Band & Chorus, and also for many families, especially mine. The wife LOVES football and got to teach my son quite a bit (we’ve been missing out on football for three years now–you can’t just stay up all night when you have little kids). And the daughter loved seeing the cheerleaders. Her cheerleading outfit covered her belly button but she says she can show it when she gets “older.” Don’t count on it, kid.

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